BOON_EDITIONS gives its designers endless opportunities for an unrestricted freedom to create with no limitation - exclusive collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity.


Each Edition is a testament to our passion for craftsmanship, where every element has been carefully considered and meticulously crafted. From the selection of premium materials to the intricate design features, every aspect of these collections exudes elegance and sophistication through traditional craftsmanship fused with modern technology.


One of the key highlights of BOON_EDITONS is the introduction of exclusive limited editions or numbered pieces. These limited editions are handcrafted by skilled artisans and represent the epitome of luxury.

Nº1 Aeon Prox by Pieter Maes

Melding architectural influences and curved lines, the first BOON_EDITIONS collaboration is designed by Antwerp designer Pieter Maes. Aeon Prox is a collection of elegance and softness. How form follows feeling.


The collection includes marble furniture and seatings with soft sculptural shapes, elegant materials and unexpected details. These designs are somehow both sharp and curvy, eye-catching and playful. A creation of emotional connections that experiments with the boundaries between art and design putting the undulating silhouettes to decorative use offering an enticing prospect: comfort. Simple and bold movements that balance the inner force of upholstery with the exterior force of gravity that interacts with the surrounding through their organic shapes and strong expression.


The aesthetic is about the power of pure forms that transcend time. Influenced by human history that has never been written down and remains undocumented, artifacts that suggest a distant past or a potential future.