Mirrored Abstractions 


A Concrete Chaos



BOOM_ROOM is pleased to unveil a selection of works of artist Tom Nair, an exploration into this exquisite series which takes inspiration from the architecture and landscapes. Concrete Chaos represents the artist's context of a contemporary vision of the past and his present interpretation of its forms and shapes.


Nair produces unique prints that are visually enticing and conceptually intriguing. He named himself after a local mountain called Piz Nair and created the series Luftschlösser (Air Castles) and Diavolezza. Via the Luftschlösser series, Nair explores his fascination with how mountains can be suspended in clouds and take on new meanings by digitally turning or modifying them. In the "Concrete Chaos" serieshe muses on a concrete building called Goetheanum by Rudolf Steiner, whose own modernist architectural style draws strong influence from organic forms of nature.


A captivating visual experience through a perspectival reinterpretation of forms and shapes. The works of Tom Nair will be on view at BOON_ROOM Paris from May 05, 2022 through June 16, 2022.

Concrete Chaos