“We truly believe that by working in full respect of the local heritage and traditions we can bring change and prosperity to this ancient place without losing an ounce of authenticity.”- Pretziada


Pretziada, a creative studio based in Sardinia, strives to promote the Sardinian heritage via words, photography and a collection of design objects created with local artisans. BOON ROOM, along with the founders of Pretziada, Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori, invite you to come and discover the new collection of design objects ranging from furniture to ceramics to sculptures.

The latest collection of artworks by Pretziada explores more mystical aspects of Sardinian craft and ritual while embracing the archaic and the fascination with the ancient manual processes. The exquisite pieces are intricate depictions of Sardinian history and its material heritage. The collection reminds us of our primordial desire for connection to our natural and historical surroundings and each other.


Accanta Companion Tables


The most classic objects in Sardinia are tools that take strong inspiration from the agropastoral lifestyle and are often homemade from locally accessible materials. The bankitu de ortigu, a type of stool produced by piling raw cork bark in a simple geometric crossover, is a perfect example. These stools were lightweight, robust, and versatile, making them ideal for taking the sheep out to pasture or collecting olives. 

The Accanta collection, made in collaboration with Maddalena Casadei and Falegnameria Pisu, is a trio of small stools and tables that can be kept near at hand for myriad uses. Casadei chose to work with a chunky compressed cork, left 100% natural with no lacquer or varnish. Pisu, a family-run woodworking shop in Cagliari, created the extra-dense waste cork blocks used in the tables.

Perdas Fittas Sculptures  


Studiopepe created the Perdas Fittas, a collection of 14 sculptures that take inspiration from the depth and silence of the Sardinian countryside while celebrating the sacrality of Sardinian stone and the healing power of water. These miniature mountains, carved by hand from the compact basalt found on the plateau of Paulilatino, capture the majestic and mysterious nature of the island. Small bronze vessels sit atop the sculptures for our modern offerings of fire or scented waters or unguents.

Before Zero Ceramics

Before Zero is the debut collection of Maria Paola, presented exclusively by Pretziada. Maria Paola researches and reinterprets ancient vessel forms found on the island, using a precise mix of clays. Each shape is painstakingly handcrafted utilizing the coil technique, then baked in a wood-fired clay oven. She stone polishes her pieces (creating a mystical, almost metallic finish) or treatments them with a series of waxes instead of using glazes. The unique patina of each object is both ancient and otherworldly. 

Ancas Sideboard

Chiara Andreatti and Pierpaolo Mandis collaborated to create this exquisite sideboard inspired by a traditional Sardinian chest. It preserves some mechanisms from its antecedents, such as the lid that lifts on the top section, intaglio wood carving and a large, block-like centre. Ancas is a substantial, sculptural reinterpretation of a significant element of Sardinian history, made of solid chestnut wood and an entirely handcrafted workshop of Mandis.

Mannu Side Table

Ambroise Maggiar took inspiration from the clawed feet of the classic wooden chests that adorned the homes of every affluent Sardinian family. The upper half of the Mannu side table comprises Ashwood, with a meticulous hand-carved top made by Karmine Piras. The bottom is machine-cut by CP Basalti, from a creamy local marble "Marmo di Orosei," with swirls and droplets caused by various sediments and often contains trapped seashells.