Ruan Hoffmann

Ruan Hoffmann, a South African Ceramic-Artist based in the Netherlands, transforms everyday things like plates, containers, and tiles into willful, irregular, and malformed forms using ceramic earthenware as his chosen material. Halfway between art and design, ceramist draws his intentions in and within the plates that he sculpts. 
Sixty unique decorative porcelain plates exhibition will unveil a tale of form, function and expression exclusively at BOON ROOM in Paris. Hoffmann's brightly coloured glazed plates use a wide range of imagery and text, which are unapologetically political and combative, to express his unedited thoughts on life experiences will inspire, challenge, and resonate with everyone.

8 September20 January 2022

Location imageParis

Ruan Hoffmann x Boon_Room

8 September20 January 2022