BOON_EDITIONS fuse design and architectural elegance, presenting unique, thought-provoking complete collections resulting from creative collaborations. BOON_EDITIONS connects artists and designers with a shared passion for extraordinary craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, representing the epitome of luxury - creating future archetypes.


Discover the complete BOON_EDITIONS universe with new collections by Pieter Maes, Stefano Giacomello, Atelier Pendhapa, and Tom Hancocks, an inspiring selection of contemporary minimal design, demonstrating a seamless integration of savoir-faire and design innovation with a fusion of bold volumes and timeless elegance.


Every design in the collections is meticulously crafted by Europe’s finest artisans, capable of accommodating any bespoke request. We’ve carefully selected a range of distinctive designs characterized by an enduring style, giving each piece a collectible quality. These creations aim to maintain a delicate equilibrium between sleek lines and daring forms, offering a modern allure that stands the test of time. The selection from each collection not only mirrors each designer’s vision and creativity but also highlights the laser-focused attention to detail demonstrated by our skilled craftsmen.


In the realm where passion intertwines with boundless creativity, BOON_EDITIONS presents designs that transcend the mere confines of luxury functional design. Here, the fusion of fervor and ingenuity gives rise to creations that inspire and elevate, going beyond conventional boundaries to redefine the essence of functional luxury.


Explore the unique universe of BOON_EDITIONS during Milan Design Week 2024 at our curated showcase at MELZODODICI, where creativity and innovation take centre stage.


Milan 15th-20th of April

Showroom; Via Melzo, 12, 20129 Milan