BOON_ROOM Illuminates Paris Design Week 2023 with A-N-D's Exclusive Lighting Collection.


Presenting an exclusive showcase of luminaires that transcends the boundaries of creativity. A-N-D is a Canadian luminaire design studio and manufacturer that garnered acclaim for its distinctive approach that integrates functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.


Innovation at the Core
A-N-D's relentless pursuit of new design possibilities is evident in its innovative production methods and incorporation of modern lighting technologies. Their commitment to integrating the latest advancements ensures that every product is both visually stunning and environmentally responsible.


Timeless Beauty and Versatility
What sets A-N-D apart is their ability to create products that transcend time and place. Inspired by the unexpected and the everyday, A-N-D's designs harness the power of light to shape and animate space, bringing a touch of the poetic to the everyday environment.