Where craftsmanship meets creativity, and every piece tells a unique story – Discover the Atelier001 Lighting collection on BOON_ROOM and in our gallery. Founded with the ambition to create a collection of objects made in individual Ateliers, Atelier001 celebrates artisanship and the uniqueness of handmade finishes.


Guided by the visionary Eva Menz, an international illumination artist and sculptor, Atelier001 invites you into a realm of unparalleled brilliance. The Cosmic Collection, a magical interplay of metal shapes and patina finishes, invites you to explore terrestrial and extraterrestrial imitations of planet-like appearances, merging the imaginary with the alchemical. Meanwhile, the Liquid Collection, a symphony of glass, is manufactured in a London-based workshop by a master glassblower with 25 years of experience. The glassblowing process is one of precision, best described as a dance, where the artisan creates a rhythm between fire and bench. Made with the highest quality granular silica glass and brushed brass elements, these pieces are illuminated softly from the back.


Immerse yourself in the stories and artistry of Atelier001 – an invitation to embrace the character within each object, appreciating its variations and subtle imperfections, while adorning your space with light that transcends the ordinary.