Discover a fusion between artistry and functionality at our gallery's latest exhibition, featuring the captivating works of Swedish artist Caisa Leifsdotter. Currently residing and working in Copenhagen, Caisa's diverse body of work ranges from furniture and interiors to bespoke sculptural artwork, always pushing boundaries and transcending categorization.


Her design philosophy seamlessly blends minimalistic shapes, embodying both functionality and aesthetic appeal, a nod to her Scandinavian heritage.


Among her standout creations are the Psychedelic Mirrors, minimalist yet enchanting in their ability to capture the magic of resin. These mirrors bring a touch of the extraordinary to any space, reflecting changeable, watery perspectives. Caisa's artistic journey began with childhood experiments, melting old vinyl records into sculptures, a process mirrored in the delicate creation of these extraordinary mirrors.


Caisa's bespoke pieces, occasionally described as 'bombastic' and leaning towards the eclectic, are crafted with meticulous care to convey a unique personality tailored to each client's space. Her Scandinavian roots shine through in every piece, seamlessly combining beauty and functionality.


Visit our gallery to experience the captivating creations of Caisa Leifsdotter.

Psychedelic Mirrors

Bespoke Collection