Makan's paintings capture the beauty and complexity of human existence. Through his use of varied renderings, he conveys a full range of moods and sentiments, revealing how emotional responses collide in social situations. Makan explores the way human nature can unravel, an idea that is evident in his works.


To emphasize the fleeting nature of life, Makan uses crude materials on raw, un-stretched canvas, reinforcing the theme of impermanence and transience. With a multi-faceted style that embraces complexity in different ways, Makan employs mediums such as crackle paste, pigment sticks, acrylic inks, and oils to convey the diverse nature of our being. His use of partially rendered subjects, like "primitive doodles," reflects how life is composed of both uncomplicated and intricate instances that interweave to form a rich tapestry of existence. 


Each of the nine paintings featured in "Human Sequence" is a testament to the spontaneity and evanescence of life, capturing the beauty of the transient in a way that is both celebratory and meditative.


Join us for the captivating exhibition "Human Sequence" by Makan, on display at BOON_ROOM from April 26 to May 26.