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    Boldizar Senteski


    Boldizar Senteski is a Hungarian designer; He grew up in Budapest, where he was inspired by the diverse environment of the city, where post soviet brutalism coexists with remnants of the once prosperous monarchic era. Senteski incorporates bits from the urban landscape into his unique, limited-edition collectible design pieces. He celebrates the coexistence of past and future, passing and renewal, decay and flourishment. Senteski employs alchemy and praises uncalculated errors while he lets materials shape take shape on their own and strives to bridge the contrast between intentional and unintentional, traditional and progressive, craftsmanship and industrial solutions. 

    Senteski began experimenting with mirroring surfaces back at University, where he was researching human perception. The way we perceive ourselves and what surrounds us inspired his first Mirror Collection, which resulted in his graduation work of four fading Mirror pieces using the ancient technique of silver mirror making. Since then, Senteski has been experimenting with this technique and shaping it to his image to highlight the oxidation process of the silver and celebrate uncalculated faults and shapes. Each mirror piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece crafted with alchemy, placing the “mirror paintings” somewhere between art and functional design.