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    After two years of intense work, BOON_ROOM launched its new venture, BOON_EDITIONS gives its designers a platform with limitless opportunities and unrestricted freedom, both in aesthetics and production, to create unique designs without limitations. Every edition has its own aesthetic, divided into two parts; Collection & Collectible. Collection; a permanent collection of products. Collectible; a series of collectable numbered and, or unique pieces.

    Aeon Prox

    Nº 1 "Aeon Prox", a collection designed by Pieter Maes for BOON_EDITIONS, which combines architectural inspirations and curving forms. The collection explores elegance and softness, with the furniture featuring soft sculptural shapes, refined materials and unexpected details. A creation of emotional connections that experiment with the boundaries between art and design using the undulating silhouettes to decorative use to offer an enticing prospect: comfort. The power of pure shapes that transcend time is central to the aesthetic of Pieter Maes. Aeon draws inspiration from human history that has never been written down and remains undocumented, artefacts that hint at a distant past or a potential future.