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    Marco Guazzini


    Marco Guazzini, an Italian deisgner based in Milan, launched his studio after spending a few years in New York. The elegant gesture of Guazzini keeps up with an innovative, rigorous and meticulous approach to contemporary life topics and research, and yet is rich in inspirations from the past. Guazzini started his career working with studios like Pimar, Atipico, and Living Divani. He also collaborated with international design galleries such as Galleria Luisa Delle Piane and Leclettico in Milan, Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris, Mint design gallery, and Saatchi Gallery in London (London). Guazzini later worked as professor at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Milan).

    Marco Guazzini is best known for inventing and realizing the Marwoolus® material, which since 2016 has been part of Vitra Design Museum permanent collection. It pays an ode to his places of origin, which combine Prato wool and Pietrasanta marble to create a unique, innovative element, that symbolizes expressive freedom that characterizes all of his works.