Mesut Öztürk

    Mesut Öztürk is a ceramic artist from Turkey, currently based in Paris. Öztürk, with his artworks, strives to explore anonymous human creations that are the outputs of collective will and labour in human history, which leads him to analyze human nature. These creations could be vernacular architecture, informal urban settlements or prehistoric pottery. He looks for poetical ways to translate the authentic characteristics he discovers in these timeless phenomena into a modern form of language. 

    The Designer

    Öztürk graduated from Yeditepe University in Istanbul with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. Later, he earned his Master Degree in History, Theory, Criticism in Architecture from Istanbul Bilgi University, where he wrote a dissertation on informal settlements of Istanbul. He began working as a part-time instructor at Istanbul Bilgi University after working having worked as an architect. Architectural Design Studio, Architectural Drawing, and Ceramics, Craft, and Design were among the subjects he taught. He dropped out of his PhD program in Urban Planning to pursue a career in ceramics.