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    Solenne Belloir


    Solenne Belloir is a Paris-based French conceptual artist. Her works draw inspiration from the architectural structures found in the Parisian landscape, such as pipes, chimneys, water tanks, balconies, and other well-known metropolitan skyline characteristics. In the artworks, the challenge is to show the unusual beauty of such forms, which are frequently overlooked as ordinary, functional, or even as visual pollution.
    Belloir creates her pieces by envisioning these forms rather than imitating to give them a surreal quality. Her re-interpretations are sort of meaningless, unexpected, and even spiritual, culminating in fragments that appear to be from another universe.

    "In my creations, the presence of matter is as important as the lack of it. I aspire to only leave what is essential. I like to think that my pieces are not only built of soil, but also out of air."

    The artworks of Belloir revolves around the concept of organicity, with prominences or handles perfectly integrated with the rest of the pieces, as though they evolved naturally. She creates her unique artwork with high-temperature clays and a combination of techniques like wheel-throwing and hand-modelling.