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    Stéphanie Langard


    Stéphanie Langard is an interior architect, designer, and artistic director who enjoys collaborating with the best French artisans to bring new objects to life. Art that reconnects with the hand, know-how and renewed design creation. 


    Stéphanie Langard creates unique artworks through experimenting with materials. Langard grew up in Normandy in their family home, surrounded by wood and tools. She, like her father, is fascinated with materials and manufacturing techniques and is curious to try everything. She honed her critical thinking skills at Domus Academy in Milan. Langard continues to be inspired by a cosmopolitan universe, and she aspires for a philosophical perspective on life, affirming the need to "feel" through her artwork. Her work conjures us images of magical, enchanted escapes. She lets her child soul bring emotions via the aesthetic of her work by combining poetry, pragmatism, and lightness.