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    A-N-D is a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada where original collections are conceptualized, built and assembled in-house.

    A-N-D investigates new design possibilities using innovative production methods while integrating the most current technologies in lighting. The result of that exploration puts forward honest products that transcend time and place. In pursuit of the visually poetic, we’re inspired by the unexpected and the everyday; compelled by the capacity of light to shape and animate space.

    About the Co-founders



    Lukas Peet practices his craft with sophistication and fluidity that bears the mark of a Design Academy Eindhoven alumni. He has been recognized internationally in a number of awards and competitions, most notably for the Winner of Canada’s Emerging Designer Award. His designs have been produced by international manufacturers such as Roll & Hill. To A-N-D, Lukas brings a vast curiosity about objects, processes, materials and production techniques; he brings a desire to challenge the familiar and the normative, and everything in between.

    Series for A-N-D: Button, Orbit, Pebble, Pivot, Slab, Spotlight Volumes, Column, Lobe



    Caine Heintzman is a designer exploring various mediums as he applies rigorous material research, technical know-how, and a comprehensive understanding of lighting technology to an artful practice. His training at ECUAD and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee has allowed him to hone a methodical process in which he interrogates the relationship between functional art object and space to design in a way that accentuates the built environment. Where his craft is sculptural, emphasizing modularity, forms can be seen in repetition to demonstrate an industrial elegance signature to his approach.

    Series for A-N-D: Pipeline, Vale, Vine, Iris



    Matt Davis brings a clarity of vision and collaborative spirit that transforms the people and ideas around him. To A-N-D, he contributes over a decade of experience in senior business management in the realm of lighting. His passion for responsible, timeless design is paralleled by a strong sense of leadership and entrepreneurial acumen.