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    A Space Studio


    Anna Aristova and Roza Gazarian co-founded A S P A C E, a New York-based design and art studio, in 2016. Whether it is practical furniture or a decorative object, these unique functional artworks attempt to integrate the eternal beauty of nature into contemporary lifestyles. Their artworks are a perpetual balance of opposites: improvisation and meticulous planning, intuition and knowledge, organic and geometric, while the essence of their creation is a sense of vast open spaces where ideas and feelings emerge naturally and evolve via experimentation and exploration.



    The Source collection includes 11 limited edition pieces hand-carved by two local craftsmen from three different types of volcanic tuff, each inspired by Armenia's antiquity, materials, craftsmanship, and architecture. 



    The Barbican is a Brutalist-ethereal collection of work that soulfully explores the meaning of luxury. The sculptural furniture, lighting, and decorative pieces are inspired by the Barbican's aesthetic, which respects the passage of time, giving objects a thoughtful and imperfect beauty.  

    Shou Sugi Ban


    A collection of minimalist sculptural bowls, hand-carved from solid cedar wood and treated with the traditional Japanese process of Shou Sugi ban.