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    Based in London and Istanbul, female-founded design studio Ahu creates contemporary collectible furniture and objects inspired by the traditions and mysticism of Asia Minor. Each limited edition piece is hand made in Istanbul by master craftsmen in historic, specialised ateliers, blending the best local artisanship with innovative production technologies. Founded by longtime friends and Central Saint Martins alumni Eda Akaltun and Mevce Çıracı, their respective backgrounds in visual arts and product design are tied together in their ability to refine culture and craftsmanship to create pieces that tell a story. Their work combines unique marbling paintings made by hand with contemporary furniture design, which seamlessly merges utility and luxury. 


    The duo create collections that imbue spaces with symbols of luck and talismans of good fortune. Each piece is a functional work of art, designed to showcase the room in which it is placed. The first collection is inspired by ikram, the Turkish tradition of offering guests boundless hospitality. The visual starting point for the whole collection is nazar, the evil eye, and comprises cabinets, coffee tables, side tables and objects.

    Ahu’s unique creations are made to order.


    Design Process


    Ahu combines 25 years of international experience in product design and visual arts to appreciate and honour the storied culture and traditions of its heritage, breathing new life into pieces that offer a contemporary view of what Turkish design can be. Istanbul’s rich history of craftsmanship is celebrated in each piece which is made in third generation small workshops scattered around the city. Eda and Mevce navigate this complex network and work within a language of artisanship that is not only relevant to the place of Ahu’s origin, but also respectful of the longevity of the pieces. Mixing traditional woodworking techniques, luxurious durable materials and modern finishes, they strive to make timeless and exquisite pieces that can become modern heirlooms.