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    Apparatus Studio


    APPARATUS, a New York-based design studio, explores the relationship between lighting, furniture, and objects in immersive environments, connecting the historical and cultural through a contemporary lens. Gabriel Hendifar, the creative director, approaches the work as a narrative, using a lexicon of desire and emotional response. The studio is an ever-evolving articulation of considered spaces and the things that dwell within them, inspired by the modernist notion of a complete work of art. Each sculptural piece is hand-finished and assembled in a historic New York space that houses the gallery, development, and production, following a legacy of studio craftsmanship. 

    Apparatus creates each piece with a devotion to the rigour of small studio craftsmanship, centring the importance of the human hand in lending soul to an object. Sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain are combined with hand-patinated brass in the studio's dedicated New York factory to create its distinctive catalogue. Underpinning every piece, whether it be a light fixture or a chair, is a deft balance between mechanization and the hand-made, striving equally for the contradictions of perfection and the beautiful irregularity of humanity.