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    Atelier Madirazza


    Alexandra is a Danish architect, but for the last 4 years she has been self-employed with the company “Atelier Madirazza”, where she primarily works with sculptures. Her greatest interest is art's dialogue with the room around it and vice versa. In the borderland between art, architecture and design, she works with art that relate to the surroundings or that make the viewer take a physical position in relation to it.


    The sculptural mirrors Alexandra makes are an attempt to this. Two large pieces of marble in front of the mirror are brutal and poetic at the same time, but also a provocation - because their shapes shadow the reflection. In that case you want to see yourself, you have to navigate after the stones and a dialogue occurs. You feel the room, the mirror and yourself - life.


    Each mirror is unique. With a focus on the environment, the various stones are carefully selected from the pile of "residual material" at the Stone quarrying in Denmark, after which they are cut and reassembled.


    In addition to the mirrors, Alexandra works with steel and concrete – materials that meet her desire to create works that are site-specific. Finally, in the last few years she has developed organic movements in her ceramic vases. In addition to being able to hold flowers, these can also be experienced as sculptures in themselves and with the curled wall vase on the side, a small “room in a room” is formed – a break in a busy everyday life.