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    Atelier Pendhapa seeks to preserve the art form of conversations, collaborations and intentionality while exploring new territories creating forms that challenge conventions, all while capturing a sense of timelessness, regardless of scale.


    The studio was founded in 2019 by architects Antonin Hautefort and Ignatio Tenggara. With their french and Indonesian heritage, Pendhapa is the product of a cross-cultural exchange between the two visionary minds. At the core of everything they do is a steadfast commitment to contextual understanding, a willingness to consider multiple perspectives, and a dedication to engaging their innate human qualities.


    The name Pendhapa is derived f rom the iconic vernacular structure found throughout Indonesia that embodies the essence of their practice. This traditional construct is designed for communal gatherings and is adaptable to different contexts, evolving in form and materials in different environments while remaining true to its original essence.




    An eloquent fusion of vibrant hues and commanding monolithic forms. Each design piece is handcrafted to 

    captivate attention, encourage interaction, and to serve as the vibrant heart of a space.


    Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscopic palette of the natural world - from rich emerald greens that evoke lush 

    landscapes to deep sapphire blues reminiscent of tranquil waters, or vibrant reds to add warmth and energy, 

    while soothing pastels provide a serene contrast – the Varna collection uses colour as a tool to redefine spatial dynamics.


    At the heart of the design of the collection lies its monolithic aspect: bold, geometric curved forms that assert their 

    presence while seamlessly integrating into a space. Each piece acts as an anchor, inviting us to orbit around them. 

    Their ambiguous forms become gravitational centres, inviting for social interactions to converge and engage.