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    Atelier001 was founded with the ambition to create a collection of objects made in individual Ateliers, each and every one unique = 001. The collection celebrates artisanship and the uniqueness of handmade finishes. Each light sculpture is individually made in carefully selected ateliers, supporting craft, authentic materials and hand-making individuals. They encourage our audience to welcome and embrace the character within each object, its variations, and small imperfections. 


    Creative Director and initiator of the Atelier001 collection is Eva Menz, an international illumination artist and sculptor. Her aim was to make exquisite lighting objects more accessible to a larger audience. Also, to support an incredible network of unique makers in what are often dying trades. With upcoming collections, Menz will be collaborating with other designers and talent from various fields. The aim is to build an expanding network of creatives and makers coming together and making unique objects available for homes and spaces.





    Working with metals is always magical, a material that is so strong it should be impossible for human touch to transform. The Cosmic Collection plays with both metal shapes and patina finishes. The aim is to achieve terrestrial and possibly extra-terrestrial imitations of planet-like appearances. These textures, both imaginary and real, combined with actual alchemy, form the basis of our inspiration.



    Inspired by the beautiful process of glass-blowing, the Liquid collection is manufactured in a London-based workshop by a master glassblower with 25 years of experience. The glassblowing process is one of precision, best described as a dance, where the artisan creates a rhythm between fire and bench. Made with the highest quality granular silica glass and brushed brass elements, these pieces are illuminated softly from the back.