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    Avoirdupois "Objects of Weight" is a furniture and lighting manufacturing studio in lower Manhattan. From CNC machining, robotic machining, welding, fabrication, finishing, woodworking, upholstery, ceramics to final assembly are all completed in the multi-level studio on Varick Street. James Stumpf designs and engineers all of the pieces at Avoirdupois. He is a half-designer, half-engineer with a profound understanding of material properties and a great passion for creating an original collection free of self-imposed mechanical or technical constraints.

    Collection Nº1 / Tripartite

    A visual division of three, every piece from this collection has one thing in common: a single triplicating motif that weaves its way through the entire collection in imperceptible and ambiguous ways. The use of aluminium and silver tones is a significant characteristic of this collection. To highlight the triplicating motif, various materials, including veneers, lacquers, hardwoods, metals, plastics, bentwood, plywood, porcelain, upholstery, and natural caning, came into use. The pieces are numbered with numbers divisible by three to represent their inclusion in Collection No.1