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    Rodrigo Bravo founded the studio in 2005, and it works in a variety of areas and scales of design, including Interior Design and Architecture, Furniture Design, and Product Design. The methodology of Bravo bases itself on a thorough understanding of the material and productive environment and the application of cutting-edge technology. Bravo has established itself as a studio where experimentation and experience create unique and custom solutions to each project thanks to the work formula, which continuously seeks innovation-driven by common sense.


    Rodrigo Bravo is a Chilean designer based in Santiago. The conceptual input that Rodrigo Bravo F. incorporates into every object, along with his vision on techniques, materials, and the concept of territoriality in the design field, define a methodology and approach for each design project making most of his designs stand out. BRAVO! has been published in well-known publishers and editions such as Wallpaper, Monocle, Icon Magazine, Elle DecoLab, Damn, Dezeen, Sight Unseen and Elle Decoration. He is one of the founders of Área, an independent unit dedicated to the experimental development of the arts, architecture, design, and music, in addition to his work in product, object, and furniture design. He is also the founder of Ediciones Mármol and the Creative Director of Revista Mármol.




    Monolith Series features sculptural objects handmade in Combarbalita stone from the Andes Mountains. All pieces in this series are a result of technical and formal experimentation. Beyond pursuing a practical or functional logic, similar to a sculpture, it adopts a plastic and emotional commitment for its uses to be interpreted freely. The series, in turn, represents a paradigm shift by decreasing and modifying the sculptural size, typical of architecture and public space, to an object and domestic level.