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    Catherine Dix


    Catherine Dix first discovered clay in 2012, in southern Aveyron, during a training course at the Pottery of Lucante, with Marcel Muller. Her discovery made her realize she needed to use her hands and work in volume. Her work is a story of the construction, assembly, emptiness and fullness, shadow and light. She works instinctively by confronting the forms, moving them from one place to another, restarting with others and gradually reaching the desired balance. Dix employs different shaping techniques depending on the direction and rendering she desires to give her work; all her artwork is unique or part of a small series. She uses a variety of methods, including Potters Wheel, Coil-Built, Slab-Built, and Stamping. The tube is a recurring element in her sculptures and objects. She works with grog stoneware for its raw and rustic look and uses an electric kiln and fire at 1280 C°.