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    Dalmoto is a philosophy, a way of seeing the reality that surrounds us. Behind every object there is a vision: transmitting dynamism and speed with a different design approach, rich in contaminations and non-traditional canons of furnishing. They believe in the art of Italian craftsmanship, its history, and the stories of those who build, of those who continue to make things by hand, so that this value can continue and be read and perceived in every product. Dalmoto is inspired by the ideas of architect Antonio Sant'Elia and aims to create a futuristic world through the Cutting-Edge 'innovation and avant-garde' collection. The aim is to arouse in human beings the feeling of living in a utopian world, similar to the one imagined by the futurist designer from Como. 


    Each product is entirely handmade, combining tradition and innovation. Their craftsman transforms the material with their unique and innovative skills, creating functional and beautiful furniture and objects. These elements enrich the space and their relationship with the world, thanks to their painstaking details and durability. The privileged location of Lake Como offers the ideal setting to host the collection, which is in strong connection with the culture, history and traditions of the area. Interior architecture and yacht design complete the Dalmoto vision by offering totally customised design and production possibilities, even for the most ambitious projects.