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    Dust and Form is an exploration of temporary brilliance.

    Brielle Macbeth Rovito uses sculptural forms and designed objects to express the concept of Dust and Form. Her works elicit a sense of curiosity and playfulness, inviting the viewer to relish the current moment. By giving elegant and refined shapes to the raw materials, The Dust and Form endeavour to honour our journey from dust to dust. Every piece intends to prompt a unique reflection and serve as a tactile reminder to reconnect with our true selves. In collaboration with other artists, Rovito handcrafts all the pieces in a Burlington, Vermont studio that she and her husband founded in 2017.


    Brielle Rovito


    Brielle Rovito employs plaster and porcelain in the artwork to explore "temporary brilliance," or the transient collision of creativity and inhibition that often defines our human experiences. Oblong shapes and bulbous moments that blur the line between functional objects and sculptural forms distinguish her work.