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    Editions 8888, curator and creator of visionary objects.


    8888 is a collective of Montréal-based creators of visionary furniture and objects founded by Jean-Michel Gadoua.


    “We reject contemporary priorities and unquestionably adopt the posture of discomfort. We are Brutaluxe™. We celebrate and elevate raw materials and spontaneous gestures. We are the antidote to industrial and impersonal manufacturing.”


    Objects for a metal and brutal life, a new optimism for a dystopian world.


    For 8888, Gadoua espouses a dark and daring aesthetic that draws heavily on Québec counterculture, as well as various artistic movements. Obvious nods to brutalism, postmodernism and science-fiction are layered with bursts of noise, punk and metal music.

    The Designer


    A natural-born curator, designer, stylist and editor, Jean-Michel Gadoua has built a reputation as an aesthetic leader in the world of contemporary design. A graphic designer by trade, he started his artistic career in the early aughts as a member of Montreal’s explosive and eclectic experimental music scene. As a musician and creative director of indie label Le son 666, he has appeared in many festivals including Suoni per il Popolo, Mutek and Club Transmediale Berlin. Gadoua switched to interior design, working for the luxury boutique Celadon Collection, first as a design consultant and later as creative director, buyer and merchandiser. He founded 8888 in 2020, with the desire to set up a collective of artists who create freely and without constraints.

    The Philosophy


    The philosophy behind Éditions 8888 is illustrated by the made-up word Brutaluxe™. Behind this evocative portmanteau lies a deep desire to celebrate – elevate, even – raw materials and spontaneous gestures. Brutaluxe™ wants to break off from the banality of mass production and praises imperfections and the grotesque. 

    Éditions 8888 curates and creates all. Before, now and forever. Here and elsewhere, for all.