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    Light objects float weightlessly in space. Fragile, iridescent, timeless. Solitary, or in a constellation, ELOA lamps create individual light concepts that remind us of star constellations.  

    Simone Lüling, a Berlin-based Swiss designer, founded ELOA in 2015. Lüling designs and coordinates the objects, striving to blend artisanship and simplicity. Eloa offers a variety of pendant, floor, standing, and wall luminaries, as well as bowls and vases. The idea of ELOA materialised while working on a commissioned project in a loft space. The lighting aim was to frame the several functional areas - cooking, eating, and working. The desire to create a variable, modular system of hand-blown lights led to the development of ELOA the following year. 


    ELOA blends traditional glassblowing techniques with a simple yet distinctive design. The large size of the glass objects while working without forms necessitates a high level of sophisticated artistry and expertise that only a few master glassblowers in Bohemia can attain. The unique element of ELOA objects is that they are blown in the air without form, using refined techniques and a high level of craftsmanship.