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    Formel is a Paris-based contemporary design studio and manufacturer. In 2019, Industrial designer Timothée Concaret in collaboration with Cabinetmaker Nicolas Mérigout, founded the Formel studio. They aim to bring apparent and ethical objects into homes by combing industry and crafts. Their complementary skills allow them to work on all areas of a design project, from drawings to self- production.

    Their approach as designers is both pragmatic and sensible, creating products that are modest yet timeless. Furthermore, as manufacturers, their attention to detail compels them to make each component visible as a tribute to the production process. They design and handcraft the furniture in their workshop near Paris.

    With their lamp Luce, they won the Jury Prize in the 12th edition of the Cinna / Ligne Roset competition in March 2019. Following this, they earned the Vertbois Prize for their approach at the "Now le Off!" exhibition during Paris Design Week in September 2019. They were called back in September 2020 to present their work during the Paris Design Week among 25 promising designers chosen by Maison&Objets. 

    Timothée Concaret


    Timothée Concaret returned to Paris in August 2015 after graduating from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres (Paris) and the Lycée Le Corbusier (Strasbourg) and established himself as an independent designer. He spent four years working for prominent architecture and design firms such as Naço Architectures, Christophe Pillet, and 5.5 Design Studio before launching his design studio in 2019 with Nicolas Mérigout. Moreover, as a cycling and outdoor lover, he launched Copra Bikepacking, a collection of bikepacking bags and accessories, in late 2018.

    Nicolas Mérigout


    Nicolas Mérigout began working for the French maker Atelier Synapses in Paris shortly after graduating from the Art School, ESAAT (Roubaix), and the Lycée Le Corbusier (Strasbourg). 2-years later, he founded his workshop Apical Studio, merging his passions for furniture design and crafts. Parallel to his own workshop, he co-founded Formel with Timothée Concaret in March 2019.