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    François Lévy

    Ever since he was born on May 7, 1988, François has always been inventing, making and repairing objects. He graduated from the Special School of Architecture in 2011. He then worked on different scales : from objects to buildings, scenography and set-design. After a position in an architectural agency, he devoted himself to set-designing, working as a builder and conceptor. He launched his own furniture and object design studio in 2020. 
    Passionate about materials and manufacturing, his work goes back and forth between his hands and the industrial world. His relationship to objects is tactile, and he wishes to create honest furnitures which are telling a story or asking a question, bringing about memories of the moment they were created.  François lives and works in Finistère.



    The starting point of the Monobloc serie is the cardboard tube of formwork. This recyclable element, is a by-product of the Tretrapak packaging industry. François Lévy diverted this industrial item, commonly used for casting concrete poles. He took it as his main tool for shaping single use molds for this furniture. Through many experiments, he developed a specific concrete formula adapted to the project. This Monobloc Serie is made of a concrete skeleton casted in a single block within a network of tubes. These thin tubes are both the mold and the model. They leave prints when uncasted. Spirales, reminding us of how the tubes were made, are left visible on the furniture skin like scars left by the tool.