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    Fresh.Glass x Lavdanskyworkshop


    First collaboration between two artisan studios ‘Fresh.Glass’ and ‘Lavdanskyworkshop’ started in 2021. Both brands focus on hand-made artisanal techniques, production capacity work and a deep interest in native heritage expressed through visual language of contemporary art.


    ‘Freshglass’ is a collective of three designers – Sergei Martinov, Konstantin Gvozdev and Daria Bolkhovitina. The brand was founded by Sergei Martinov in 2016 as an experimental laboratory aiming to find and explore various glass techniques. In 2018 Konstantin Gvozdev took over the engineering direction of the laboratory and created a strong technological framework for the lab. And with Daria Bolkhovitina's coming on board in 2020, the development and production of design objects begins to emerge. The brand is working with glass and exploring its nature, tactile, emotional and visual contexts. Meanwhile Lavdanskyworkshop is a project of Grigory and Semyon Lavdansky, formed on the ideological and industrial basis of the ‘Basmart’ family workshop founded in 1990s working with church decorative art and interiors. The Lavdanskyworkshop project aims to integrate traditional church art crafts into contemporary design. The workshop works with wood, metals and experimental materials, focusing mainly on fine metalworking techniques such as embossing, basma, casting and forging.


    Castes Collection


    The ‘Castes’ capsule collection was started in 2022 as a reflection in sculptural forms about the phenomenon of mystical light, subtle and quiet beauty, about the fusion of traditions and visual language of contemporary art. The concept underlying the ‘Castes’ is the love for orthodox church aesthetics and native heritage. The research process began with a reinterpretation of the eighth-century image of a Georgian icon crowned with precious stones set in castes. Castes, or metal mounts for jewelry, served as the prototype for future tables. The brass sheet, like a caste, fixes and embraces the glass, taking its shape and manifesting its appearance.


    At the moment, the ‘Castes’ collection includes three items (two tables and mirror) and still under development. The capsule will be further replenished with new items. Three pieces participated in such exhibitions as the Collectible Art Fair (8.03 – 12.03.2003; Bespoke section, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium); ‘Invented and made’ (2022, All-Russian Decorative Museum, Moscow, Russia); ‘Living environment’ (2022, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia).