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    GORN, a ceramics workshop that specializes in creating unique elements of decor and art objects. The product line is a mix of experienced, albeit youthful, vigour of true inspiration. GORN always stays true to its style and conviction while responding to consumer needs, whether a new idea or a predesigned sketch. 

    Inspired by the ability of nature and time to change the object of their reign, they allow the material to reveal itself at all stages of production. Simple forms. The flawlessness of the moment. GORN makes ceramics how we perceive nature would. All of the pieces are meticulously handcrafted. GORN's primary directions are decor and art objects, but they never limit their creativity and are constantly ready to dive into the unknown.

    Yuriy Myrko


    Yuriy Myrko is the main ceramist at GORN. Myrko hails from Opishinia, one of Ukraine's most renowned ceramic centres. He has been working with clay for 20 years, having graduated from the Poltava National Technical University in fine and decorative arts. Every new concept and its subsequent creation is a marvel to behold.  

     “For me, clay is a material that makes you alive. I know every ceramic technique, but I always feel my co-authorship with the material, it's a joint process of creation. "  - Myrko.


    Bogdan Kryvosheya


    Bogdan Kryvosheya, an Art Director, together with ceramic artist Yuriy Myrko, founded GORN Ceramics.

    “Ceramics for me implies pure spiritualism. GORN Ceramics is a project that is dynamically developing into new directions and paths. We create what we cherish aesthetically, conceptually, energetically, and what we think is important. ” - Kryvosheya.

    Apart from his work at Gorn, Kryvosheya is involved in many art and design projects, working with different artists and workshops. He established an art manufactory in Kyiv in the same year 2018 called 22F