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    Marcin Kuberna's GRÔPK explores a convergence of sculptural minimalism and primordial artisanship through handcrafted ceramics. Splitting his time between warsaw home and Sicilian Pied-à-Terre, the self-taught potter uses ancient coiling techniques to deliver vases, vessels and decorative objects with a focus on simple forms that eschew modern and the maker's hands. Kuberna celebrates the slow, meticulous process and subtle inconsistencies inherent to his chosen technique making each piece unique. 


    A piece of handiwork. Uneven, Unassuming, Humble. Ceramics with a personality. Imperfect and imbued with a tinge of bonhomie, each Grôpl amorphous vessel, vase or decorative object captures a sense of a standstill - a primordial technique they are made with. The pieces evoke all that is organic rather than man-made and tell stories of neolithic cultures, cultures, organic matter and times long before civilisation. Vague, biomorphic forms of insect nests, beehives and anthills nod towards the earthly, whereas surreally melted silhouettes of corals, seashells and fossils allude to the earliest life in the sea. 


    Grôpk Ceramics are minimal but have neither calculated severity nor designer constraint, only the gentle pleasure and clarity that comes from plainness. By mediating the ascetic minimalism with sensuality and softness, the pieces are made to feel intuitive - be held in hand, touched, and slowly discovered. Timeless in their design, Grôpk Ceramics are made from earth, sun, and fire and handcrafted with the utmost respect to these elements. Shroud in subtle hues of neutral, earthy and muted shades of red, ochre, black, white or ivory, the ceramics are designed to complement. Soberly glazed, the pieces are stripped of unnecessary embellishments, quietly inviting to appreciate the beauty of their raw, unaffected design.