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    HADGE - an architecture I interior practice founded in 2020 by architect Dieter Vlieghe. In 2015, he graduated as a Master of Architecture at the KULeuven St. Lucas, Ghent and collaborated with other architects, designers (Studio Prototype, NL I Glenn Sestig, BE) before setting up his own practice. 


    The multidisciplinary practice focusing on illustrations I architectural atmospheres exploring the world of furniture and object design. The essence of his work to find a perfect balance between form and content. He strives for a purified atmosphere to impress the people and bring them in a world of imaginary and deeper human spectrum of emotions. The love of tactile, raw materials by artisans, craftsmanship, the search of timeless minimalism and brutalism are central in his work. A serene and pure, yet extremely warm and authentic ambiance. 


    Currently, HADGE, is working on high-end residential and art related projects. Specific objects that are intimate, yet open and engaged with shades of natural lights and change throughout the day. The power and qualities of the materials - all designs are unique and made by pure craftsmanship. The materials will have their own patina as sign to reflect the time and the space of the user.




    UNDUM is a contemporary collection where abstract shapes are reinterpreted and natural materials can thrive. A cohesion of two simplified curved shapes reflects the softness time of passing by - immaterial element - and plays with the strength of light and setting on the other side - natural element. A relationship with its setting, as well as in the experience they intend to provide for their user.