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    Fabio Hendry, a Swiss designer and material researcher, founded Hot Wire Extensions, a young sustainable design studio specializing in material innovation and experimental engineering. Their unique and innovative manufacturing process was created in reaction to the ever-changing material landscapes, critically examining and questioning the consequences of technological development. A nichrome wire is shaped and placed into a container, then filled with the nylon powder and various types of sand, using leftover nylon powder from SLS 3D printing, a material that is not recyclable. An electric current is sent through the wire, generating heat and causing the mixture to solidify around the wire, opening up endless possibilities in shape, scale, and application possibilities. Temporary lines are transformed into organic and bone-like shapes by the process, which bonds the materials perfectly.

    The Designer


    Fabio Hendry is at the helm of Hot Wire Extensions. Hendry is a Swiss designer and material researcher whose work aims to uncover new possibilities for neglected matter and future industries. He is fascinated by disruptive techniques to industrial manufacturing that reveal alternate production systems. Hendry draws inspiration from the ability of nature to adapt and rebuild, and he believes that design and ecological theories can merge to allow us to review our material landscape.