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    "Our Design heterogeneously fits into the creation of an exclusive interior. It draws from the timeless formula of pre-war houses, consenting it with the character of contemporary interior."

    Jan Garncarek founded his eponymous design studio in 2017. The Furniture and Lamps made take inspiration from many sources, especially places which are the cradles of European design, such as Milan, Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin. The seamless blending of old and new, or what we consider contemporary, is not only an art form that necessitates remarkable design expertise, but it is also the studio's domain.
    Throughout the project's development, two goals have remained constant: preserving the testimony of pre-war Warsaw culture, which in its glory days rivalled that of European capitals, and an interdisciplinary quest for inspiration in functional art, literature, sociology, anthropology, and even psychology. Combining the need for modernity with tradition, the studio defines its reflection on contemporary design, set in its own perceived identity.


    The Designer


    Jan Garncarek graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts with a Master degree in Design. He also attended Michele de Lucchi and Andrea Branzi's classes at the Politecnico di Milano. After working for Towarzystwo Projektowe, a Warsaw-based industrial design studio, he founded his studio in 2017. Lamps, tables, seats, and decorative pieces are among the items in his repertoire. He focuses on precious materials and fine details. Meticulously picked galleries in Europe and the United States represent the exquisite artwork of Garncarek. He creates all his products using refined materials in a Non-Industrial manner. Every piece guarantees the highest quality and uniqueness thanks to an individual approach to every detail.