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    Design has always surrounded Kouros Maghsoudi; inspired by the design world, Kouros dedicated his studies to sustainable architecture and urban design. He continued his education in Denmark, where he focused on sustainable Scandinavian design practices. After graduating, Kouros began working at an environmental non-profit, where he worked to convert over 30 parking lots into sustainable green community parks across the five boroughs of New York City.


    He recently debuted his own furniture collection, called  Mehmooni, that draws directly from his Persian culture but tinged with playful post modern motifs that encourage people to explore their hedonistic side. 


    Following which he designed the collection GO-GO AGE. "Go-Go" – derived from the French expression“à gogo” –means “in abundance, galore”. Looking to fashion and furniture, GO-GO AGE takes cues from the visual energy and pursuit of hedonism expressed during the 60s and 70s. Taking inspiration directly from the Space Age design movement, Kouros Maghsoudi’s GO-GO AGE is his take on space age design. The collection aims to encourage liberated behaviors and visceral responses through vibrant colors, bold forms, and the environment in which the pieces will be shown at large.