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    Léa Munsch


    Léa Munsch is a french ceramic artist who takes inspiration from nature to create her primarily unglazed pieces, which reveal the inherent texture and colour of the materials she employs. She explores the potentiality of clay in a spirit of lineage with ancient humans, bolstered by a vibrant curiosity and her instinct. Munsch lives and works in Lorraine, France, where she has taken over an old factory perched on a river in the middle of a forest.


    "Working with clay feels like a lineage with these times. Hands in the now are working with the same materials as then, with the same primordial connection to clay. It transcends time and space. I honor and explore this open field of possibilities with instinct and innocence." - Léa Munsch

    The artworks of Munsch have a primal connection between Earth and clay, and this ancient and natural bond is apparent in her pieces. She is intrigued by the cultures imagined by ancient civilizations long before our era and prehistoric art for the strength of the link between art, life and nature. Like an archaeological work, blurring the lines of time, her sculptures seem to come from an ancient future. Her practice largely relies on instinct, shaping an abstract, architectural, raw, tactile, and natural world.