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    Lizan Freijsen


    Lizan Freijsen, a dutch artist, her work highlights her fascination with fungi, as well as our efforts to eliminate mould and moisture stains from our environment. The wallpapers from the "Decay on Demand" project were inspired and taken from the photos of leakages and installed primarily in new residences to give them a history. Freijsen practices recycling by transforming something ugly into a valuable product.

    Decay traces make their way back inside as interior objects to remind us of what we tend not to see. Freijsen has worked with Hester Onijs and Karen Zeedijk of the Textile Museum in Tilburg over the past seven years to create this one-of-a-kind, handcrafted carpets and wall and floor blankets (2009-2016). Lizan Freijsen focuses on these blind spots and visualizes their beauty by turning moisture stains into beautiful, exquisite textiles. Embracing imperfection is, in fact, a reaction to our overly regimented society. Inner time connects us to a sense of home through witnessing the beauty of slow-growing functions and being surrounded by urban nature.