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    Marc Dibeh


    Marc Dibeh, a Beirut-based designer, uses captivating interiors and products to narrate his cultural context. Storytelling and making things timeless and modest are the main concepts of his studio. His universe is not far from Earth, but it can make you forget that you are in it. Dibeh bases his strategies on wit and sharpness of thought.
    Many international Galleries have commissioned Dibeh since he began his career in 2009. Gallerie Bensimon (Paris), Seeds Gallery (London), Artfactum (Beirut), and Joy Mardini are the most recent additions (Beirut). After showing the Wires series with Art Factum Gallery, Dibeh was named one of the 5-breakout stars of the design Miami, Miami edition in 2013 by the Wall Street Journal, and one of the 5-up and coming designers of the Design Miami, Basel edition in 2015 by Artsy. He received the Generation Orient Prize in 2016 and the Rising Talents Award from Maison&Objets Paris in 2018.