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    A place where design meets art!

    NOOM is a young, fast-growing Ukrainian design studio that produces lighting, decor, and home accessories. Kateryna Sokolova, an industrial designer, and Arkady Vartanov, a designer and entrepreneur with ten years of experience in manufacturing expertise and his factory Postformula Craft, founded NOOM in 2017. Kateryna Sokolova is a well-known designer who has worked with famous brands like Ligne Roset, Forestier, Jarre Technologies, Bolia, and others.

    "We create timeless design products which will be passed from generation to generation."

    The majority of the products are made from metal and produced by combining traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. NOOM has a chemical specialist on board that works on metal oxidation and patina to create new distinctive effects and colours for limited edition products. NOOM produces all their products in their workshop in Ukraine, allowing them to manage the entire manufacturing process and pay close attention to every detail. All pieces are handcrafted meticulously by skilled artisans.