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    Simone Bodmer-Turner


    Simone Bodmer-Turner Firm LLC is a New York-based ceramic sculpture and design studio with two complementary bodies of work. The permanent Collection of Vessels is a Collectable collection of vases designed for minimal floral arranging or as strand alone sculptural objects by Bodmer-Turner in 2017 in their Brooklyn studio. 

    Simone created the studio with the inception of the permanent collection in 2018, allowing her to shift into working in the studio full time after spending several years building a personal practice and travelling to work with clay communities in Japan and Oaxaca. The permanent collection is inspired by the bridged, multi-necked forms of Meso-American stirrup pots and designed to be a timeless, complementing group of curving ceramic forms highlighting the power of negative space. The collection has grown into a second edition, Permanent Collection II, adding new forms that riff off the popular vases in the original editions and introducing a miniature series of Più Vessels. The objects in Collection II intend to be minimal ikebana style floral arranging or as stand-alone sculptural objects.