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    Stone Stackers


    The Stone Stackers brand is deeply classic and highly contemporary. The concept of reclaiming and re-purposing discarded marble into works of practical art is at the forefront of a global movement that promotes design with mindful provenance and sustainability. The act of intelligently re-imagining once-ancient stone off-cuts – by-products of the unsustainable quarrying of marble from Italian mountains – and making ultra-modern artworks designed to last a lifetime is both an act of entrepreneurial ingenuity and altruistic environmentalism.

    The duality of old and new – of creating something from nothing – is further reflected in the real-world union of the founders, Paolo Ciacci and Shilpa Srinivas, along with their partner Simeg Marmi. Their individual experiences and shared vision have resulted in not just a new business but also a creative interpretation of the eternal value and beauty of the stone.