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    Fabien Barrero+Carsenat


    Creating with intrinsic stories: imperfection in nature is the essence of aesthetics.


    Strong of 4 years of visual communication studies in Paris, Fabien Barrero-Carsenat collaborates with Air France and Concorde in their CDG headquarters; with the Studio Collet in Saint-Ouen and the Phenomene Suresne agency. He was chosen for the 2007 promo of the École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Etienne thanks to his desire to design objects and shape volumes. Over five years, Barrero-Carsenat developed a unique interest in raw materials, their distinctiveness, and what he refers to as "the identity of the material". He dedicates most of his time within workshops exploring and experimenting with concepts and techniques. A stay at the Polytechnic Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland, satisfies his need for knowledge. His desire for discovery sated during his time in Lahti, Finland, at the Polytechnic Institute of Design. The nordic culture of reverence for nature is a revelation and sparked the "Pinus Pinaster" project.
    His research on pine sap allows him to weave human connections and eco-responsible object creation; while benefitting from the natural and raw properties of materials. His approach to experimental design as a creative process secured him an assistant position at Pepe Heykoop in Amsterdam. In 2013, Barrero+Carsenat transformed his grandfather's barn at the heart of Perigord Noir; and funded this eponymous Studio - Studio Fabien barrero+carsenat. He returned to France for his desire to work differently, away from the city and sourcing inspiration and materials consistent with his philosophy.