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    Driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and redefining norms, Talia Luvaton's creative process involves a deep exploration of the contrasting and complementary qualities of raw materials and techniques.


    With a focus on craftsmanship and a profound respect for traditional knowledge and authenticity, Talia seamlessly blends advanced technology, creative thinking, and a modern perspective. Her works stand out for their meticulous attention to detail, seamless integration of technological innovations, and unwavering commitment to achieving high aesthetic standards.


    Her sources of inspiration are rooted in the investigation of materials, exploring it potential and experimenting as well as expressing family heritage to give materials a voice and a platform to showcase their distinctiveness. Growing up with parents who were both skilled craftsmen and silversmiths, she learned the art of approaching materials and experimenting with it unique surface that showcases the craftsmanship's uniqueness and traditionalism in a way that allows material unique properties to shine through. 




    The TOHA collection vases are manufactured using a smart and efficient molding system that enables the production of a rich variety of vases. The system is based on the 'wet forming' traditional working technique, which enhances the leather's natural features to create three-dimensional works.


    The collection's name was inspired by the form of the molds used in its production. Each mold holds its own individual letter, and their combination results in a sophisticated diversity. Every vase is one of a kind and bears its own exclusive numbering and stamp to assure its authenticity.