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    Tim Vranken


    Tim Vranken is a Belgian furniture-designer who focuses on solid, handmade furniture. Throughout his designs, pure materials and natural processes are paramount. The result is an unconcealed interplay of lines and shapes without the slightest frills. Pure, geometrical shapes define the works of Vranken. His aim as a designer is to create a refined piece of furniture so that it does not need anything other than itself to create harmony.

    Tim's deep passion for wood in its pure form shows in his collections. Rather than polishing the inherent rough and uneven parts, he allows the wood to reveal this specific imperfect nature in his furniture. He prioritises attractive design, ensured by the structure of the wood. Rust and tannic acid naturally react to provide the bluish colour that is common in many of his creations. He creates each piece of furniture himself to ensure that it complies with all of his ideas.