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    Kurokawa Toru is exploring the mechanics of form. Just as the universe is based on laws, his sculptures create forms based on simple and diverse laws.

    Many of his ideas come from the mechanics of materials and physical sensations. He discovers the mechanism of form through daily dialogue with materials. He is also interested in ancient art, and have so far lived and created works in about 10 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Among the various materials he works with, the one he has been using for sculptures for over 20 years is ceramics. It is shaped using primitive hand-building techniques and fired in wood-firing kilns. 

    In recent years, his forms have become more sophisticated as he explores connections with physics and mathematics. He is expanding his activities to include creating art for public spaces and music sculptures.

    The works focus on void. All of these sculptures are composed of tubes. These works remind us of life because the basic shape of all plants and animals, including humans, is a tube. The series of tubes is organic structures and at the same time guides the viewer's gaze inward. It also represents the mental world that seeks the essence in void.