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    Volker Haug Studio


     Volker Haug Studio is Melbourne-based decorative lighting practice that creates lighting informed by a feeling of discovery and experimentation, with works created by a skilled team of designers and craftsmen. The studio is known for its striking line-work, form solidarity, and pieces filled with individuality and character. Their uninterrupted lines hide intricacies and focus the eye of the viewer on the shape and finish of the object, making them stand out in their deceptively modest designs.

    Metal is the primary material of choice, and its treatment is the cornerstone of their design process. Precision machining is combined with hand finishing during production to retain a connection between the material and the designer. The end product is haptic and enticing to touch. 

    The allusions to industrialism are apparent but are lightened by a preference for simple form and design economy. Their lights strive to evoke a sense of whimsy while adhering to the concepts of proportion and balance. The Volker Haug signature of placing the lamp at the forefront of the design has remained a constant part of the composition. The studio creates each piece to the exact requirements of the space it will be placed in, ensuring its longevity. Each piece is assembled and finished by hand, maintaining its high-quality standards.