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    Yellow Nose Studio


    Berlin-based design studio Yellow Nose is the fusion of two talented minds Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung. Yellow Nose Studio was founded in 2017 by the Taiwanese duo with backgrounds in architecture. Although their similarities and academic background brought them together the couple has branched into different disciplines; Ying studies scenography and Kai product design. Their work captures the imagination of two competing minds, turning ideas into practical realities.  The young creatives with a drive to explore culture and design found a sense of tranquillity, connection, and community in the German capital's creative scene and relaxed yet energetic atmosphere. Yellow Nose Studio endeavors to represent slow living through living tools for savoring the spaces we live in and walk through from day today.

    The Studio

    The creative studio preserves the character of the materials, respects their qualities and functionalities with their handmade, crafty and technical products. Yellow Nose Studio is a fully functional venture of different design expressions to represent slow living, through objects that savor the spaces we live and walkthrough. Nature-inspired textures and sober colors, combining elegance with rawness, using solid, earth materials. Their works exude a distinctive aesthetic always striving for the perfect balance between the organic and inorganic, the logical and the emotional, the handcrafted and the industrial. Handcrafted ceramics to foray into furniture design, Yellow Nose Studios’ design is diverse where simplicity reflects the aesthetics and unexpectedness, of creative adventurousness, is cleverly implemented in the designs.